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Home Organization Tools to make decluttering and organizing faster and easier

Getting organized, home organization, garage organizing, closet organization: all these have something in common. They are a reaction to TOO MUCH.

Too much…

  • stuff
  • clutter
  • chaos
  • losing things
  • wasting money
  • stress
  • frustration
  • negativity

Decluttering your home and organizing it is a big project. You’ll do better if you have the right home organization tools, both process tools and physical tools.

Process Tools

What the heck is a “process tool”? It’s knowledge of how to plan and carry out a project. In the case of decluttering and home organization, “process tools” would consist of knowing what order to do things in (declutter first, then organize!, how to break up the tasks into do-able chunks, how to get rid of stuff you don’t need, how to arrange your home get it organized, and how to keep it organized for the long term. You’ll find lots of “how-to” information all over this site, and even more in the weekly email tips bulletin you can sign up for below.

Physical Home Organization Tools

These are ‘things”. Some of them you already own, like cleaning materials and garbage bags, or can get for free, like cardboard boxes. Once you get past decluttering and into home organization, though, there will probably be storage and organizing items that you want to buy. With luck, selling some of your decluttered “stuff” will neatly cover the cost of them. This survey of home organization tools should give you plenty of ideas on the kinds of products available.


Decluttering doesn’t mean getting rid of everything except the bare essentials. Not at all – if your home is to be a relaxing, peaceful reflection of you and how you want to live your life, it should contain everything you need to be comfortable: things you love, things of beauty, and things you use. When you clear out your clutter, you get rid of all the things you don’t need, don’t want and don’t use.

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Home Organization

Organizing your entire home is a big project. Different people approach it in different ways, depending on their personalities. Take a week off work and attack the whole house? 15 minutes a day with a timer? There are many ways to succeed, but the one thing they all have in common is: you have to get started! And the best way to start is with decluttering, so you end up with a lot less to organize.

Get Organized and Stay Organized

What’s the difference between getting organized and home organization? They have a lot in common, but getting organized implies that you’re focused on organizing yourself rather than your home. Of course, it’s pretty hard to get yourself organized if your house is in chaos, so the two things often go together. Decluttering is not just for things: you can declutter your schedule and your work life too!

Kitchen Organizers

As the heart of your home, and a place where you’re often working under pressure, your kitchen really has to be well organized or you’re working far too hard. Decluttering the kitchen frees up space in your cabinets, on the counter, and in you so that organizing becomes a pleasure instead of a frustrating exercise in moving stuff around.

Closets and Home Organization

Your closets are supposed to work for you, not against you. Decluttering your closets helps you to create a calm, peaceful relaxed atmosphere in your home and especially your bedroom, where it matters most. Not only that, but it saves you time and stress every time you get dressed.

Garage Storage Systems and Organization

Does your car fit in the garage? How about both cars in a 2-car garage? If not, you probably have an accumulation of clutter hogging the space which is supposed to protect your vehicle(s) from the weather. The main principle in organizing a garage is to get as much as possible off the floor and onto the walls, or even hung from the ceiling. However, a garage can become a kind of black hole for things which you can’t quite bring yourself to get rid of but which would clog up the house, and going to a lot of trouble to store and organize them is wasted effort. Declutter first!

My best recommendation for help and information on decluttering and home organization is Stephanie Roberts’ eBook “Clutter-Free Forever”